Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My previous next of kin

The Barringtons at Christmas

Howdy folks! 
    Here’s one of my favourite pictures from my collection of photo albums. This photo was taken the year I spent Christmas with Rake Barrington and his family. In later years the Milady family had moved on from gold mining and were making lots of money drilling for oil. When they tired of oil, Rake had bought the business from them. I’d helped with the sale negotiations, and as a result he and I had become good friends. Even though I was nearly a hundred years older than him, I was like a son to him and he, a father to me. Unfortunately, two hours after this picture was taken, Rake discovered that his wife and I had done more than just kiss under the mistletoe. To this day I blame the extraordinary amount of champagne Myrtle and I had both consumed that Christmas Eve.
   Rake asked me to leave, which I did, and he never spoke to me again. It was a very upsetting time; but it was nothing compared to the devastation I felt when he didn't reconcile with me during the reality television show he made throughout the eighties. I was the only member of the family he didn't mention during the entire nine seasons. It's been a journey but I forgive him.
Okay folks, enough reminiscing for one night. I must go and take my eyes out.

My regards to you all, 


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