Sunday, September 26, 2010

A warning to all...

Dear friends of Frank,

                               This week we, the cat and the bird, have been under the weather. Mr Frank Fettle has been tending to our needs - coffee, cake, painkillers, tissues, etc. Whilst we appreciate his kindness, we are also concerned that this experience of medical care has gone to his head. Such is our concern, we made the decision to hijack his blog whilst he's watching Midsomer Murders, so that we could warn all of his friends, and the public at large.

   If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself injured, unwell, or just waiting for a bus, and you see this trio approaching, we urge you to step, crawl or drag yourself, in the opposite direction as quickly as possible. 


They might look convincing, but they are NOT  medically trained professionals.

They don't even drive on the correct side of the road -
buses have to swerve to avoid them.

If a lack of medical training and driving licence doesn't deter you, know that this is what you will find in the back of the vehicle...

So, remember this face... and consider yourselves warned!

Take care, all.

The Cat and The Bird

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