Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Getting there...

Howdy folks!

                    Well, what a chaotic time it has been. Much has changed since my last blog post. The Cat is still recovering from her ill health. It will take a while so I, and the bird, have been insisting that she rests as much as possible. That has been easier said than done when there's been so much to do.

Neither the cat or the bird...but the sentiment is correct

   The shed is now a studio, (affectionately named 'The Doghouse'). The roof has been expertly felted by Mr Dominik Spitzer. He was such a star, out in the garden with a blow torch in the bucketing rain. He's done a fine job, and we're confident that it's well and truly waterproofed now. 

  The studio has also been 90% insulated. The cat and the bird caught a mint green sheep made from recycled plastic bottles, which was discovered wandering about in a local DIY store. They've lined the walls with this peculiar fleece and so far it seems warm and toasty in there. 
     Skylar Le Callen and Markus Wehrhahn were kind enough to give up their time and energies to help empty the old studio. With the help of the weary cat they managed the task in just a few hours. 
    The following day there was some tidying up to be done, and a few bits and pieces to be collected. But it gave the cat and the bird the opportunity to say goodbye to their time with the old studio. I think they were quite surprised at how sad they were to be leaving. They can't fault their time in Forest Hill at the Whirled Arts studios, but, sadly, good things aren't always practical. Huge thanks to Mike and Lee, you were both fantastic with your support.

   The majority of the contents of The Doghouse have been sorted out. The minority remain in the back of the van, waiting patiently for relocation to their new home. Very soon it will be a hive of productivity out there. Unfortunately, what with all this recent rain, the back door of the flat has swollen shut. Luckily it's a stable door so the top half still opens. This unexpected obstacle, at the very least, makes the commute to work 'interesting'. Oh, but such a laugh I had watching the cat and the bird climb over the stuck half of the door. Next time I will try and get photographs of this peculiar natural event. I don't think she especially appreciated me suggesting that she just fly over it, but the bird's attempt at door climbing really did remind me of Hannibal taking his elephants over the Alps. 

 So what else is new with Catbird Craft?

  Well...the business cards have arrived! The first of them were left in Catbird Craft's favourite fish and chip shop. I'm really not sure what this says about Catbird Craft; but it is fair to say that during this extremely busy time, that particular fish shop has saved them from starvation on more than one occasion.
   If that isn't exciting enough, the first of our greetings cards have also arrived. There are a few more designs due to go to the printers, (who have been super helpful indeed). This means that there will definitely be something ready for the grand opening on October 31st. 

We're definitely getting there!

My regards to you all,


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