Sunday, February 20, 2011

Craft Britannia Etsy Team

Howdy folks!

This week I managed to get hold of another very busy lady, Margaret of MissElany, the Captain of the CraftBritannia team on Etsy. We found this team by chance when someone posted about a BNR† they were involved in over a weekend in January. The cat went to investigate, and that was it, we didn't see her for the rest of the weekend! Aside from the selling and buying throughout that weekend, which moved extremely quickly, the conversation flowed and it was lovely to find a group that has such varied and interesting members.

Mirabelle Fabric by Libetry of London from MissElany

 Margaret graciously allowed me to gently interrogate her about the workings of the team, how it's developed, and what is expected of it's members. So, without further ado...

Country Kitchen shelf sign blocks by Sparrow Primitives

Frank: When did you first start the team?

Margaret: Frutejuce, Dayzeelove, AREJewellery and myself were friends on another team on Etsy. We felt we wanted to widen the net to include the rest of the UK so we got together and decided to start our own team. That was back in November 2009 and since then we have gone from strength to strength. Since that time we have also added TWINKKNITS and CariadClay to our group of leaders that help in the smooth running of Craft Britannia.

Upcycled Handmade Mr Brown Bear by Mundane and Beauteous

 F: How long has Craft Britannia been on Etsy?

M: We started the team in November 2009 but it took quite alot of work between us before we actually launched the team on Etsy.

Cream Cake Necklace by Little Red Star

F: How would you describe the goals of the team?

M: The whole ethos behind our team is primarilly for promotion of each of our shops and Etsy within the UK. We have created a coffee shop feel within our team where we have virtual colleagues within Etsy. We are a friendly bunch who help one another out with tips, hints and also the most important factor we all help each other promote our shops. Without everyone doing some work in this field our team would not survive and be successful so we have no room in our membership for lurkers, everyone is expected to get involved and support the team.

'Red Song Yorkshire' Limited Ed. Linocut by Artlaz
F: Do you have to be on Etsy to become part of this team?

M: The team is open to all Etsy sellers based in the UK.

Crochet Charm Purse (Eco Friendly!) by Maimy

F: Is there any other way of finding out about Craft Britannia?

M: There is a team blog which is edited by dayzeelovedesigns, sassalynne and firephoenixjewellery and can be found here with tutorials, interviews, team treasuries and more, or go directly to the team page craftbritannia

Below are some examples of more Craft Britannia members' fantastic items:

Paper Shakespearian Garland of Hearts by Bookity

'Sundress' 7x5" fine art photographic print by DearOhDeer

The White Herald mini pocketwatch brooch by AlteredEras
Cat art Portrait Original drawing by stupidcats

All works are copyrighted to the artists shown above.

† BNR stands for Buy'n'Replace which is organised by a group of sellers, generally taking place over a weekend. A treasury is made of sixteen sellers, curators help oversee buying and conversations. Any seller can buy out another seller in the treasury and they in turn replace them and so on.

Thanks to our Team Captain, Margaret, and we are proud to be members of this friendly team on Etsy!

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Imynda said...

Great Blog Post for a lovely supportive team :)

DayzeeLove said...

What a lovely interview. CB is a lovely team to be part of and it's so nice to read about it here! :)

Altered Eras said...

Thanks so much. GREAT blog!!

KitzieG said...

Great interview! Fascinating to hear about how CB started. It's a wonderful team and I'm proud to be a part of it!

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that this is one of the friendliest teams on Etsy. Although only open to those from the UK ANYONE can pop in for a chat. Thanks for spreading the word and for the link to my shop.

Mr Frank L. Fettle said...

Thank you stopping by and the lovely comments! It has been intriguing and fantastic to look through everyones' shops, what a creative and talented bunch us UK lot are!

Erika Price said...

Great article about a great team! Thanks for spreading the word!

Sparrow Primitives said...

Thank you so much :) Looking forward to getting to know more of the CB team. x

Giuliana Lazzerini said...

Great creative team and very happy to be part of it.....
Thank you for including my linocut in the blog.

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