Tuesday, June 21, 2011

April's Army

Howdy folks,

It's been a strange time. The backyard is looking more like a jungle everytime I look outside, the cat and the bird assure me they will tidy it up but the weather out there has been electrifying to say the least. As I'm the bony one of the family, I have hidden the key to the back door until there's not a chance of them ending up looking like me.

Glad he kept his hat on

Well my friends, what is this about an army? And who the heck is April? I'll answer the latter first. April Winchell is the very funny lady behind the hugely popular craft fail site Regretsy. April's Army was set up on Etsy, and is already one of the largest teams there, and completely made up of Regretsy members.

"During the last week of each month, participating sellers set aside at least one handmade item to benefit Regretsy’s charity fund. The proceeds go directly to a needy Etsy seller or someone in the community facing difficult obstacles. Information about the current month’s recipient will be posted in the shop’s profile."

So far the charity work has raised over $60,000 since December 2009.

We are honoured to be a small part of this rag-tag group of people with big hearts and biting wit, and directly helping someone in need. The shop opens from the 27th of each month and runs for a week, or until all the items are sold. You'll need to be quick if you'd like to buy something though, because these things go FAST! All you need is an Etsy account (it's quick and free to sign up) and you can find the shop here

Our first item to go into this month's shop is this little beauty (6x5" on hardboard, mixed media):

Bring on the Badgers

The design on the front of the badgers hats were originally made by ninetwentyone and was in part the inspiration for an army of badgers. Please visit her shop, she is awesome and didn't even yell at the cat when she forgot to credit her for the design when the shop went live yesterday.

We'll be trying to do an item a month from here on and show you what we're up to, and update the total raised and how it has helped a member of our community.

I will leave you with this, a collection of works by some of the great April's Army team members (click on the link below to take you to the original collection):

Whaddya mean we're out of alcohol?

Until next time my friends, regards to you all,



Tigerlily said...

That collection is EPIC! I'll be working frantically on mine now...

Mr Frank L. Fettle said...

Why, thank you Tigerlily. I shall keep an eye out for yours!

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