Friday, June 03, 2011

Treadwell's Bookshop

Howdy folks!

"Treadwell's is a magical bookshop in London's Bloomsbury area, and we specialise in all things esoteric. We have books on world religion, spirituality, culture and travel,  Wicca, paganism and the history of Western magic. We've got something for every pocket - books from £1 to £5,000. And we have more than books:  come visit us for herbs, oils, regalia, and quirky magical gifts. You are equally welcome to browse, attend a course, listen to a lecture, or have a drink at a book launch.  We open seven days a week If you have queries, we are here to help - we aim to be the friendliest place in London. "

We are thrilled and honoured to now be part of this wonderous and magical place for they have taken in some of our wares to be bought right here in Central London!

Treadwell's is more than a bookshop, it is a destination, a place to go where you can browse and are encouraged to sit and read the books amongst the many beautiful things, be enlightened by the amazing workshops and lectures held there, or have your tarot read by the best. There is a wonderful description here of what you can expect when you visit.

Earlier this year, Treadwell's moved from it's home in Covent Garden to their newer and larger premises in Bloomsbury, (you can still smell the fresh paint on the walls) the magic of the old place is slowly starting to creep into atmosphere of the new, and the lack of tourists bumping into you outside is more than a little refreshing.

You can find this special place here and for more information about them please have a look at their website

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