Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Catbird Craft update

Howdy folks!

    Frank L. Fettle here. Before the cat and the bird start to wonder to why it is they've employed me; I thought it was about time I actually did some work.  So now I shall do some roving reporting from the studios of Catbird Craft.
   It's a busy time right now - the cat has been studying the finer points of biodegradable cello bags.  Her head is swimming with information on rates of decomposition - I know a thing or two about that. Aside from that, the cat has been busy preparing new designs for the upcoming sabbat greeting cards range. I had peek when she wasn't looking, and I think they look fantastic. She's also been painting on canvas, and hopefully some of those paintings will find themselves in the Catbird Craft shop soon.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the studio, the bird has been busy with latex moulds and stone plaster. So far we have dragons, toads, and candlesticks. Claude has been growling at the sleeping dragons. Thankfully they've ignored him. The new Catbird Craft website is very almost finished now. I know this because the number of expletives muttered per hour has dropped significantly. The near completion of the website means that the bird now has a little more time to prepare for the great skull painting session. I hope she gets on with it soon because it's beginning to look like a natural history museum in here, and Belle is starting to get nervous.

Okay folks, I really must go and stuff a marrow,

My regards to you all,


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