Saturday, September 25, 2010

The great erection

Howdy folks!

         Well, it has to be said that when the cat and the bird say they're going to do something, generally speaking, they do it...albeit with a little of help from their friends. 
      Yes, people - last Wednesday morning the doorbell rang and phase two of this operation swung into action. The cat and the bird may have still been semi conscious (they're really not adapted for early mornings) but they were awake enough to sigh a momentous sigh of relief. They realised that they weren't going to have to drag large shed panels through the (grumpy) builders merchant yard, and over the back wall. Thanks to the patron saint of shed building, the panels fitted through the flat, and all with a minimal amount of cursing. Once they'd gotten over the shock of their new arrival, last Wednesday afternoon was spent painting the panels that would be unreachable once assembly was completed.

    Then arrived last Thursday morning, when the fun really did commence. The instructions to the shed said, 'Stay calm, and seek further assistance.' This advice before you've even begun doesn't overly inspire. However, with huge thanks to Dom and Corrie, as the day progressed the shed also progressed. By nightfall, we had something that resembled a shed. Complete with roof, doors, and windows that appear to be made of clingfilm. Needless to say, new windows will be fitted at some point.
  The roof felting is almost finished, and the task of insulating has begun. Once all that is complete, the shed will be a studio!

A wall with a big hole in it
We have walls

We have a roof
Knackered, but job complete

We're getting there, and I of course will keep everyone up to date with further progress. It's getting exciting now!

My regards to you all,


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