Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Our first stock

Howdy folks!

  Frank here! It's time again to report on the latest news from the, increasingly crazy, world of Catbird Craft. So what's new?...You'd better brace yourselves...

   I'm pleased, and somewhat proud, to announce the arrival of our first home-crafted cards. Non identical twins, weighing in at a healthy two grams, three if you include the envelopes. I've been reliably informed (i.e. the cat told me) that the original artworks are the results of mixed media - paint and collage.

   All profits from the blue one, big bird, little cat, will be going to Corvid Aid. It may come as no surprise to you to learn that Corvid Aid is a place which specialises in looking after Corvids in need. We think Belle Crow may have been through their aviary doors at some point.

All profits from the red one, big cat, little bird, will be going to The Celia Hammond Animal Trust, specialists in looking after pets who require veterinary attention or a new home. We suspect that Claude Cat may once have been a resident at their Lewisham branch.

Both organisations are close to the hearts* of all those involved with Catbird Craft. We really wanted to 'give something back', and we thought greetings cards were a better idea than sending Belle and Claude back from whence they came.

Both cards will be available in the Catbird Craft shop when it opens. More info on that to follow.

Right, the excitement is all too much for me so I'm off for a little lie down.

My regards to you all,


*except mine, because, like the Tin Man, I don't have a real beating heart.

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