Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sabbat card #1 - Samhain

Howdy Folks,

   Frank here, again. My little lie down has been interrupted by this exciting news. Catbird Craft have delivered yet another greetings card. Like London buses - you wait for one and three come along at once.

    When the range is complete there will be eight cards in all, each celebrating one of the pagan sabbat days. The first card out of the blocks is Samhain, (literally translated as 'summer's end'). Traditionally speaking, by this point in the year all the harvest had to be gathered in as come November the wintry faeries would blight any remaining fruits. Animals would either be brought indoors for the winter or slaughtered, and wood supplies gathered for continued warmth throughout the season to come.  The Celts considered the year to be divided into two halves - the light and the dark. And as it is believed that from the darkness of winter comes the growth of summer, Samhain is often considered to be the beginning of the pagan year. From this festival came what we more commonly know today as Halloween.

  This particular card is inspired by not only by the European Celtic tradition, but also the Mexican Day of the Dead festival.

Some of details on the card include:

The bonfire represents the autumnal 'bone fires' of yesteryear when the bones of slaughtered animals were burnt.

The apple to signify the gathering of the harvest.

The Flor de Muerto ("Flower of the Dead") are thought to attract souls of the dead to the offerings left on the decorated graves and alters. These flowers are often Mexican marigolds, as the bright and lively colours are believed to represent the sun's rays upon those in the world of the dead. The text 'Hay mas tiempo que vida' translates as 'There is more time than life'.

This card will be available in the Catbird Craft shop when it opens. More info about that to follow.

I need a brandy now.

My regards to you all,


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