Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Progress...of a sort.

Howdy folks!

The lion latrine
  I promised that I would report back on any progress occurring in the world of Catbird Craft. So what's been happening. Well... Sunflowers; Strawberries; May bushes, French lavender, amongst many others, have all been rehomed in various spots about the garden. All except the marigolds appear to have survived.  In their place now lies a rather large dirt patch. (It's bigger than it looks.) I know our (v. lovely) neighbour's curtains will be twitching with curiosity. I can almost hear her muttering, 'Just, what are those girls up to now!' And I know that the local cats, including Claude, must be absolutely wetting themselves with excitement to have such a perfect latrine unexpectedly appear. 
   Knowing the toileting habits of felines, the cat and the bird have been keen to lay the paving slabs, which they lovingly collected from marvellous Essex. This is easier said than done on ground that's as on the level as a con-lib government. Today the spirit level has been much in demand. All was going well until the skies very quickly turned a foreboding grey. You could hear the rain coming before it arrived. The bird commented that it felt a little like the end of the world, and she would be 'most annoyed should the world end before they'd set up the fecking shed.' Yes, that would be very annoying. The heavens did indeed open and we all soon sprinted indoors. The dirt patch currently looks like the love child of Battenberg cake and Edam cheese. When the weather improves and the sun comes out again I will post pictures.
   And what of the shed? As a result of the weather outburst today the paving wasn't completed. Considering this, it's probably just as well that the shed didn't arrive. It was due to be delivered today but, alas, the delivery lorry was overloaded (!) so no delivery today for Catbird Craft. Who knows when it will arrive but they look thankful to have time to finish the preparation. 

I will report back with news..who knows what's going to happen next.

My regards to you,


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