Monday, September 06, 2010

My weekend

Howdy folks!

   Frank here! It maybe a rainy Monday today, but this weekend has been somewhat momentous, at least it has for me. Why so? Well, the cat and the bird decided to relieve me from my studio duties so that I might have a trial weekend living with them in their abode. You know, a little like how a foster child is introduced to a new home. Belle and Claude came too, and such we fun we've had. On Saturday I sat next to the pool, (which if I'm honest could do with a bit of clean), sipping champagne out of a plastic flute, whilst getting some sun on my bones. It was rather perfect to be able to sit there and just let it all hang out.  

Naturism in Nunhead

    I don't believe I've ever heard Belle Bird caw and chirp quite as much as she did this weekend. The breeze through her feathers seemed to be a wondrous thing for her confidence. Alas, with her dodgy wings, she couldn't quite reach the dizzy heights of the chimney stacks on the roof above, but she was content with perching on the chiminea. She seemed truly delighted to be out in the sun, especially as, for once, she wasn't the target of Claude Cat's 'affection'.

  As is usual with Claude, it's difficult to tell if he's had a good weekend. One thing I do know is that he spent quality time chasing psychedelic toads in the garden's undergrowth. He was also rather miffed when Glinda, the good witch of the south, appeared in her bubble to thwart his attempts at catching the exotic prey he'd been stalking most of the afternoon. 

We're definitely not in Kansas now

   If Saturday wasn't exciting enough, on Sunday the cat and the bird took me out in the car. It's amazing how many people suddenly have the nerve to speak or gesture when they see me sitting in the back seat. One motorcyclist insisted that the cat and the bird need to feed me more often. If that particular chap is reading this...I'm well fed, I just have an unusual metabolism. 
   Anyway, we went to East London, which is one of my favourite old haunts. As I have a life long interest in art, I really wanted to show the cat and the bird some of my favourite street art in that area...

Dave, the harey biker

Compare the

Claude would have no chance...

Now, as we three recover from the excitement of the weekend,  the preparations for the studio's arrival continue. I will, of course, keep you all updated with news from the dirt patch. In the meantime, have yourselves a great week.

My regards to you all,


Mikie said...

Great street art Frank, thanks for sharing, pleased you had a good weekend.

Nessa B said...

Glad you had a relaxing weekend Frank!
Make the most of it! Winter will soon be here & you'll be chilled to the bone!

Thanks for sharing! :) x

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