Friday, December 24, 2010

Dragons available for rehoming

Howdy folks!

   It's time again to introduce some more of the dragons available for rehoming to suitable homes. Fear not - none of our dragons are capable of producing a puff of smoke, let alone flames. Sadly, this is the reason our dragons are looking for new homes. If you would like to share your home with one of our dragons then you'll find them at

Wilma the dragon used to live in 17th century London. In 1666 she was living in Pudding Lane when she suffered a severe sneezing fit. Alas this led to the burning down of a great proportion of the city. She's been in hiding ever since. But, if it weren't for Wilma, we'd not have St Paul's cathedral, which was rebuild after the original one was razed to the ground during the great fire.
Great news! Wilma has now found a new home in Brighton.
We have found another red dragon called Mabel, she is ready for rehoming  now

Many years ago, Barbara the dragon lived near Kingston-St-Mary. Local villagers were, needlessly, terrified of her great stature. One day an ingenious man climbed a hill near Barbara's lair. When she appeared, the man shouted down to her. As many of us would, on hearing the man's call, Barbara looked up. Unfortunately, this was what the man had hoped for. And he immediately pushed a large rock from the steep hillside. The rock plummeted and landed in Barbara's open mouth, wedging itself in her throat. Knowing that, without her fire, she was now defenceless from those who wished her harm, she fled the area, and had been in hiding until she came to us for help. The rock has now been removed, enabling her to put on some weight. Due to the damage caused by the rock, she is unable to produce flame.

Kenneth  Kenneth the dragon was kept as a pet by a wicked magician. Night and day, Kenneth was kept in a cage and was expected to produce a constant stream of flame to heat the magician's cottage. When Kenneth's flames ran dry, the magician attempted to transform him into a toad. Fortunately for Kenneth, the magic rebounded and the magician himself was turned into a warty amphibian. Kenneth was subsequently rescued and brought to us for rehabilitating.  

Tomaz the dragon survived an encounter with Beowulf. His mate was unfortunately slain by Beowulf's companion, Wiglaf. Tomaz has been in mourning ever since. A caring and understanding home is required for Tomaz.

Moira the dragon is phobic about badgers. She was hiding out in a deserted barn when she was discovered by a farmer who was looking to turn it into a cow shed. Because her fear of badgers was greater than her fear of the farmer. Moira refused to leave. The farmer called us. We managed to persuade Moira to leave the barn in exchange for the promise that we would try to find a badger free home for her. If you have a home without badgers, Moira could be the dragon for you. 

That's all for now folks. I'll be back in 2011 with more rehabilitated dragons in need of good homes.

Regards to you all,

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